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Presentation categories:

Oral Presentation

Presenters will have 12 minutes to give their talks and 3 minutes for questions.

The total allotted time per speaker is 15 minutes.


Poster Presentation

MMM6 features 3 poster sessions: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights.

Poster dimensions: 90cm width x 120cm height.

Themes / Challenges:

With the aim of harmonizing global initiatives, the topics selected for the MMM6 conference correspond to the Ocean Decade Challenges for collective impact of United Nations:


1) Protecting and restoring mangrove forests and their biodiversity

2) Understanding and solving marine pollution in mangrove wetlands

3) Achieving sustainable socio-economic development and equity

4) Unlocking climate action and implementing mangrove-based solutions to climate change

5) Expanding the Global Mangrove Observing Systems, and implementing inclusive technological innovations and education to increase awareness

6) Changing human relationships with mangrove wetland